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Screen. Monitor.

Stay Open Safely.

Keep your business operating and ensure your employees' and visitors' safety by implementing the SOS Stay Open Safely visitor and employee management system.  SOS was developed to help you securely and effectively monitor visitor flow in your place of business while preventing the spread of infectious diseases.


Learn how visitors are easily screened before entering your premises and how their contact information is collected with the SOS visitor and employee management system's FREE health check-in survey.


Discover how the SOS Web Application and Smart Entry Device ensure your business is operating safely and securely.

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FREE Screening Survey

The SOS visitor and employee management system includes a complimentary digital and contactless health check-in survey for visitors - conveniently accessible from any smartphone.


  • Scan Custom QR Code

    Visitors to your establishment can use their smartphone to quickly and easily scan a custom QR code (generated by the SOS platform which you apply to walls and surfaces at entry points) that automatically downloads a self- health check-in survey.

  • Complete Check-In Survey

    The self-health check-in survey collects mandatory information from visitors so you don't have to. The survey is completed and submitted with a click of button. Information is securely stored for 30 days.

  • Display or Print Survey Results

    Visitor data is securely collected and may be displayed on your computer dashboard and smartphone, or may be printed for easy viewing.


Screening Module

Keep your Business Safe & Secure

The SOS contactless Screening Module moves the entire check-in experience directly onto your employees' and visitors' smartphones. This web application helps keep your workplace safe, expedites check-ins and offers you the power to mitigate risk and track exposure from SOS's sophisticated custom management dashboard.


The SOS Stay Open Safely solution was designed and developed in accordance with the Government of Ontario's mandatory return to work guidelines and survey questions were taken from it's self-assessment tool. The survey questions may be modified to suit your business' unique requirements.


Visitor and employee data collected through the SOS application is stored and accessible in real-time, enabling you to respond quickly — informing and isolating employees who may be at risk, to protect employers and preventing the possibility of a widespread outbreak that could negatively impact your business.


Employee and visitor privacy is important to us. SOS protects a user’s data with encryption and offers them the ability to opt in and out of select features.


SOS is compatible with other contactless access control systems (FOB, RFID, QR Code). A SOS Smart Entry System Device is also available for purchase. Contact us for more information.

Access to Real-Time Reporting & Custom Dashboards

The SOS visitor and employee management system's web application's automated self-assessments create a detailed audit trail to identify who was on your premises and when. In the case that an employee or visitor becomes infected, custom reports and dashboards help you to quickly assess which individuals may have been exposed during the time frame of the visit so you can contact them quickly.


Employees who have launched the SOS web application on their IOS or Android smartphone, simply complete the mandatory screening process to ensure they meet your business' specific requirements. User data is stored, managed and processed on a certified cloud server to allow for rapid access, scaling and monitoring of employee activity.

Clean Intuitive Screens

14 Day FREE Trial

For a limited time, we are offering businesses an obligation free opportunity to implement and use the SOS Stay Open Safely visitor and employee management system free of charge!

Contact us today to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

With employees returning to work in this new normal, it’s essential to consider how your organization will comply to today’s regulations  – whether you operate a small restaurant that is employs 10 people and serves 100 patrons a day, or operate a manufacturing plant comprised of 1,000 employees and 100s of suppliers, the SOS visitor and employee management system is designed to enable you to provide a safer environment for your customers, guests and employees while acting as an ambassador in the overall fight against the spread of infectious diseases. 

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SOS Smart Entry Device

Provide contactless screening and monitoring of your employees and visitors with the SOS Smart Entry Device. A quick scan of a QR code (generated by the SOS application on a smartphone), RFID or FOB, permits the safe entry of employees and visitors into your premises and enables secure and effective monitoring capabilities.

Stay Open Safely

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